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-Jon Barker

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Make It Your Own

Over the past week, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tammy Wilkerson and her wonderful team over at Designed 2 Sell Home Staging to furnish and decorate some of our models - and the experience has been a joy. It amazed me to see the different ways that the spaces we designed and built can evolve and take on new characters of their own. Form and function collide and a different life is breathed into each room. Sometimes even an unexpected space can surprise you and become one of the most practical areas of the house.

It’s been interesting to really see and feel how important bringing texture into a space and keeping a sense of humor is to interior design, but my biggest takeaway from all this is how home design and interior design go so hand in hand. Interior design tells a story of the house around it, and leads you follow your own imagination to discover different ways that you could make those spaces your own. I’m really excited for families to move in, bring their personalities to the houses, and tell their own stories in these rooms.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the first look of this slideshow of pictures from our first decorating project over at our C-Life Signature out in NewMarket Estates at RounTrey!

- Jon